Toy Story 3 Toys

Toy Story 3The popularity of Toy Story 3 has gone to infinity and beyond! Buzz, Woody, Jessie and friends take on the tough toys of the day care centre in their final adventure, which is just as enjoyable for adults as kids. To tie in with the hilarious new film, a fantastic range of Toy Story 3 toys has been released. They’re bound to be on children’s wish lists and are priced to suit all pockets. There’s only one problem with the Toy Story 3 toys; they’re so awesome you’ll be spoilt for choice!

There’s an impressive selection of Toy Story 3 themed toys and games to choose from, which appeal to girls, boys and big kids! Some combine classic games from yesteryear with much-loved characters from the film. Operation and Buckaroo have both been given a makeover, and there’s a new micro Scalextric set for mini motorists to get stuck into. LEGO has also got in on the act, with a couple of new Toy Story 3 themed sets. These boast bigger and better vehicles and minifigures from the movie. From family games to action figures and cool trucks, the Toy Story 3 toys have playtime totally wrapped up.

Read a short overview on the finest Toy Story toys and games below. Click on the links for full descriptions and to find out which retailers are stocking the toys at the best prices.