Animagic My Guinea Pig Patch

My Guinea Pig Patch

Say hello to the new breed of pets from the ever popular Animagic range. Incredibly fluffy and irresistibly cute with a mischievous streak, My Guinea Pig Patch has all the charm of a real pet. More importantly, he also behaves uncannily like one.

Animagic have become famous for the lifelike qualities and behavioural features of their pets, and My Guinea Pig Patch is no exception. What makes him so special and why buy him for a young child? Patch is a godsend for parents looking for a halfway house between no pet and a live one.

Kids can discover what it’s like to love and care for an actual animal thanks to Patch’s interactive elements and responsive behaviour. He comes with a cabbage leaf for feeding time and a milk bottle which can only mean one thing – tinkle time. Patch will respond to feeding and drinking with slurps, munching and even hiccupping to let his owner know when he’s had enough.

What about the movements? Are they lifelike? Patch will react to stroking and feeding by hopping around on fully working hind legs, which he’s also able to shake. However, he will only do this when he’s properly loved and cared for, which encourages kids to take care of him properly. Together with fellow meadow hoppers Snowy and Bramble (available to buy separately), Patch is ideal for encouraging caring role playing qualities.

Suitable for children aged 3 years and up, Animagic My Guinea Pig Patch requires 4 x AAA batteries (included) and is available for around £16.99.

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